Newman’s Own is Also Davidson’s Own

Davidson resident Clayton Banks is one of the first six children chosen to be featured on select Newman’s Own products. The new packaging features personal stories of the children it supports through its grantee partners. In its 40-year history, the food company, founded by actor, racecar driver, and philanthropist Paul Newman, has given away 100% of its profits.

Local Girl Featured Nationwide on Newman’s Own Pizza Boxes

Newman’s Own is putting the faces and personal stories of children it supports through its grantee partners on its packaging for the first time, starting with children who have attended SeriousFun Children’s Network (SeriousFun) camps. SeriousFun, also founded by Paul Newman, is a community of free, adaptive summer camps for kids with serious illnesses.


Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Devastated by a Fire in February, Announces a Nearly $4 Million Rebuilding Plan

Six months after a huge blaze destroyed several buildings, the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp announced a nearly $4 million rebuilding plan Wednesday. “It’ll be an updated and expanded program facility. It will give a new home to the beloved program areas that were lost; arts and crafts, wood shop and cooking zone program areas. But, we are going to embrace the latest thinking in universal design to make it a fully accessible and as inclusive space as possible,” Ryan Thompson, the camp’s chief communications officer, said.

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