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Please accept the Terms of Use below to access the Newman’s Own Foundation logos. If you have any questions about use of our logos or these Terms, please contact Samantha Burgan, sburgan@newmansownfoundation.org.

Terms of Use

When you enter your information and click ‘Submit,’ you (on behalf of yourself individually and also on behalf of any company or organization with which you work) agree to the terms listed here. You may download this material, but it remains the sole property of Newman’s Own Foundation or its licensor. You may not alter or otherwise manipulate the material, except as explicitly approved in writing by Newman’s Own Foundation. You may use the material only for purposes explicitly approved in writing by Newman’s Own Foundation. In the event you breach this agreement we may immediately terminate your rights to and access to the materials and in the event of such termination you agree to immediately stop using the material and delete or destroy all copies in your possession.

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