October 9, 2019

Newman’s Own Foundation Supports Team Rubicon’s Relief Efforts in Bahamas

Newman’s Own Foundation, founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, announced its support of relief efforts in the Bahamas, following Hurricane Dorian, through the award of $100,000 to Team Rubicon, which is on the ground providing assistance. Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans and deploys emergency response teams following disasters.
Hurricane Dorian was one of the strongest storms to make landfall in the Atlantic, and it left behind widespread destruction and devastation on the islands of the Bahamas. Newman’s Own Foundation has supported many relief efforts following major catastrophes in an effort to help organizations assist with recovery and rebuilding.

“We commend the work of Team Rubicon, which responded quickly to offer humanitarian aid and rebuilding assistance in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian,” said Jennifer Smith Turner, Interim President and CEO, Newman’s Own Foundation. “It seems that we are faced with more storms and natural disasters than in the past, and these incidents are causing significant devastation and hardship for the people affected. Continuing the commitment of our founder, Paul Newman, who wanted to help those who are less fortunate, Newman’s Own Foundation is supporting the relief efforts of nonprofit organizations like Team Rubicon that reach out and help others.”

Team Rubicon launched a large-scale response operation in the Bahamas. After initially helping with clean-up and debris removal in and around communities, they’ve been working with teams of volunteers to provide home repairs, roof tarping, and other assistance for survivors.

“We are grateful to Newman’s Own Foundation for their support of Team Rubicon and our relief efforts,” said Jake Wood, Co-Founder and CEO. “When disaster strikes, we mobilize quickly to provide help where needed, and this grant will make a difference in our work on the ground in the Bahamas.”

Team Rubicon was established in 2010 by U.S. Marines William McNulty and Jacob “Jake” Wood after Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. They gathered supplies and volunteers and went to Haiti to assist. They have responded to many disasters, and Newman’s Own Foundation has supported them for past relief efforts.

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