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Transforming the health and wellness of Native people.

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Creating a sustainable food movement

FEED’s mission is to provide a voice and impact in the sustainable food movement so that food systems are led by and driven by Native American traditional knowledge that transforms the health and wellness of its people.

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Strengthening connections

FEED aims to increase awareness of traditional food systems among individuals and organizations in the Native and non-Native community. It works to improve Native health outcomes through revitalizing ancestral food and health traditions in a modern context; transform local food systems to sustainably incorporate the area’s traditional food sources; and activate a culture of health derived from the health of the land and place-based knowledge.

FEED serves the youth of the Muckleshoot Tribe by engaging them to identify their needs. The organizations works to address gaps in cultural education and food access. Its programs focus on leadership development, cultural and personal enrichment, and traditional medicine and foods.

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