Energizing youth in Santa Cruz County to engage in relationships with land, food, and each other in ways that are grounded in love and rooted in justice.


Nourishment for body and soul

Providing a meaningful space where youth can define and cultivate their empowerment, liberation, and well-being through organic food and farming. Programs support youth to grow on their own terms and in lasting ways.



Empowering a healthier tomorrow

FoodWhat serves low-income and struggling, yet resilient, teenage youth across Santa Cruz County, who suffer disproportionately from common problems associated with poverty: diminished school success, limited employment options, personal or family trauma, low self-esteem, or compromised health.

Since 2007, the organization has tackled these issues by taking a youth empowerment approach and creating a safe space for those it serves. Through healthy food, meaningful work, and a supportive group of people, the youth in FoodWhat carve out a different path for themselves.

Youth are inspired to live healthy, productive lives as they find their voices, cultivate their skills, and develop lasting confidence in themselves. These skills help individuals step into their power and break cycles of poverty.

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