Oyate Teca Project

Oyate Teca Project

Establishing a holistic approach to the well-being of children on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


A holistic approach to well-being

Promoting healthy living for children and families through culture, education, recreation, and health programs centrally located to serve the Native American community in Kyle, South Dakota.

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Activities that empower

Since 1992, the Oyate Teca Project has worked to create programs and services that improve the lives of those living within its site on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

The Oyate Teca Project promotes and strengthens culture through storytelling, song, dance, traditional foods, and arts and crafts. In addition to preserving traditions, it brings educational support that helps grow financial literacy and youth leadership, among other things.

Through recreation activities, sports, and health initiatives, it provides many children in the community with fun and nutrition they may not have access to otherwise.

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Events aimed to preserve and strengthen traditions.
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Collaborations that promote the mission.
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Programs to promote lifestyle changes for healthier futures.
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Fun activities within safe environments for youth and families.
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