Grow Dat Youth Farm

Nurturing diverse youth leaders in New Orleans through the meaningful work of growing food.


Empowering change through growth

Grow Dat Youth Farm works collaboratively to grow food, educate and inspire youth and adults, and build power to create personal, social, and environmental change.



Envisioning a vibrant future

Can healthy food transform the community, environment, and people of New Orleans? Grow Dat Youth Farm is on a mission to give that question a resounding yes!

Youth programs build relationships and engage through processes and work that challenge and support them as they sharpen leadership skills and learn to communicate directly and honestly.

Grow Dat Youth Farm is guided by values of sustainability, inclusion and multiculturalism, food justice, love of land, and solidarity through collective action.

Leaders work to build strong bonds, looking for and undoing oppression to enhance a more inclusive community focused on supporting the growth and learning of young adults.

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An overview of the sustainable farm.
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A look behind the scenes through the eyes of a crew member.
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What’s happening at the farm.
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The positive youth impact that’s been made so far.
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Support Grow Dat Youth Farm

Learn how farm shares work and other ways to buy produce grown by Grow Dat Youth Farm.

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