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Sicangu Community Development Corporation

Working towards Wicozani, or “the good way of life” for the Siċaŋġu Oyate.

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Food security for a sovereign tribal nation

Located on the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, South Dakota, Sicangu works to create systems that are community-driven and grounded in its Lakota values—building holistic health, economic self-sufficiency, cultural revitalization, sustainable housing, food sovereignty, climate resilience, and shared, lasting prosperity.



Reconnecting with culture

Through programs like the Home Garden Project and Watakuye Youth Camps, Sicangu Community Development increases food security for youth while making access to nutritious food more convenient for their community.

The Home Garden Project provides nutritious food to families by aiding them in growing and harvesting home gardens. The Watakuye Youth Camps aim to help Sicangu youth reconnect with themselves, their identities and their culture.

These projects provide youth with the skills and resources to advocate for themselves when it comes to their food and what they eat, while reinvigorating interest in and access to culturally relevant foods that will nourish bodies, minds, and spirits.

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